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The new ProEdge Vent Blade Sharpener

Introducing the ProEdge Vent Blade Sharpener, a standalone universal vent blade sharpener, which instantly gives you the ability to sharpen multiple brands of vent blades. This unit is built with the same high quality construction as the M400 ProEdge Sharpener, with maintenance-free enclosed motors, available in 110 and 220 volt versions.


Using a cubic boron nitride abrasive, the ProEdge Vent Blade Sharpener Attachment produces very little heat, a much sharper and stronger edge, and can produce any angle on a wide variety of  blades, including Meyn, Stork, Baader Linco, Vac-Air, and Jarvis.



It also features a quick-change disc system, which reduces your downtime, increases your uptime, and reduces your costs. Easy to train and use, The ProEdge Vent Blade Sharpener also gives you the option to perform both primary and secondary angles on your blades.


Your bottom line depends upon quality cuts and higher yields, the sharpness of the blades used is critical. No sharpener on the market today can prodcue the results that the revolutionary new ProEdge Vent Blade Sharpener can.

ProEdge Vent blade sharpener, standalone vent blade sharpener

The new ProEdge    Vent Blade Sharpener.